Our purpose

Shift textMy goal is to Co-create a movement whose intent is to break the chains of our thoughts so we can Shift from a state of being at the mercy to a state of Creation and bring every one else with us.

As a first step I encourage you to read the introduction of my book: 1- Intro to an invitation to enter the Now.

My bias is that regardless of the situation we are in, we can decide to Shift from being at the mercy and enter the state of Creation. The entry point is the Present. it gives a 360° point of view outside of our usual default state of fear and feelings of lack that develops our self interest need thus putting us in an aloneness world.

In this site, I will share the practices and ideas that were given to me and the ones I developed with my first wife Claire, in order to get out from that world of fears and feelings of lack. I will invite you and your friends to give your point of view then to test the practices you want to explore and share what it did for you in order to help others. Please have in mind that what you share can be heard by all, a believer, a non believer, a communist a capitalist… in other words the principal is no religion and no commercial intent.

I suggest that you choose an experiment to practice. I like the one about listening to. It gives a lot of benefits quickly. Please share when you start and once in a while to update us.

Let’s Co-create this community and bring those who want to with us.

With all my love,