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We live in a state of profound confusion that is all but invisible to us. What we take as real, especially in our worry and stress, is illusory, and what is more real we rarely see.

For two decades, I have watched the wonderful impacts that Sami Cohen and Leadership as Learning have had on people’s lives and organizations by helping them clarify and relieve this confusion. In this book, Sami has managed to get to the essence of this work in a way that will make it far more accessible.  I am delighted for the benefit this will bring to many people.


— Peter Senge, Founding Chair, SoL


Twelve years ago, Sami Cohen’s stories started a real transformation in my life. Now, in An invitation to enter the Now, Sami shares stories that can transform your life. It’s a must read if you want to move from being at the mercy of what you feel you should do, to love what you are doing.

— Bob Sheffield, Managing Director, Shell Aircraft International




“Sami Cohen’s book is much more than an addition to the current literature on how to be present.  Addressing the head and the heart, it introduces a model of the Self that provides both insight and the basis for action.  It helped me think about how to live a full life.  And it gave me tools I could deploy in each moment.  I enthusiastically recommend it to you.”


— Christopher Forman, President, The Decurion Corporation



“Based on Sami Cohen’s decades of experience working with individuals and groups, The Switch offers a clear path to understanding why and how our patterns of behavior are so often not in support of our highest aspirations. Sami then shows us how, once we have seen and grasped the root cause of these patterns, we can transform those behaviors and move in the direction of our purpose. This work has value for individuals, groups, or entire organizations wanting to overcome their barriers and move forward with energy and joy.”

— Jeremy Seligman
President, Insight To Action, LLC

Former Board member, Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) and Pegasus



“Sami Cohen’s book is a well crafted reminder that we alone hold the keys to experiencing abundance and joy in our own lives. It is a freeing and powerful paradigm that allows for living fully–starting now.”

— Regina Corrao, M.Ed, President, Human Resources Leadership Forum, Boston, MA.,

Former Director of Organizational Development, Tufts University